I can help you get more business for your small business on the web


liz lockard speaking - audience angle - croppedHi there! I’m Liz Lockard. (yep that’s me on the right there)

As a marketing consultant, I love helping small businesses get more traffic and conversions for their business on the web. What does that mean? It means I help you get more eyeballs on your site and more sign-ups, registrations, purchases or more of any other action that’s important to your business online.

Is this “tech-stuff” putting you into OVERWHELM mode?

Are you struggling with how to find your audience online and get them to your site?

Are you way too busy with everything else in your life to try and figure out on your own what you need to focus on to grow your business online?

Have you’ve been procrastinating on all this tech stuff because you *think* you don’t understand it?

I’m here to change ALL of that!

Let’s break through all the BS that’s stopping you from growing your business on the web. Every week, I deliver a super-action-oriented step for you to take to grow your business online. Sign up for my weekly tips and start ending the client chase and start growing your client base with me.

What Clients Are Saying About Liz

50% Increase in Jobs Booked

“At first, I was worried that I wouldn’t see a return on my investment. I had used Google Adwords in the past myself and it turned out to be a waste of money. But after working with Liz, I have seen an increase in business and I look forward to setting my business on the right track for advertising and marketing with results. We had a 50% increase in jobs booked and a huge increase in phone calls and emails about our services.

Liz delivered as she said she would without any bs – she was straightforward and honest. Would I recommend Liz? Absolutely, I have already highly recommended Liz to several people. She is easy to deal with, gives you a chance to ask questions and speak with her, was honest in what she could and couldn’t do. I love Liz and look forward to working on more projects together.”

-Carolyn Horten, Owner & Creative Director, Christmas Specialists

Speaks in a Language You Can Understand

“I can warmly recommend Liz – she’s easy to work with, she speaks in a language you can understand and she’s fun. She makes implementing her suggestions so easy as well.”

-Sidsel Dorph-Jensen, Founder, Portfolio Design Lab

More About Liz

As a marketing consultant, I love helping small businesses increase the number of leads for their business with low-cost and high ROI initiatives (a lot of which are web-based). I believe EVERY small business can *get* online marketing and get amazing results from it.

I have a strong analytical background with over six years of marketing experience – five in the professional services marketing industry where I regularly provided detailed analysis of market opportunities and recommended marketing action.

In 2010, I quit my day-job to start working with businesses I was passionate about helping. Inspired by family and friends who were trying to *make* it with their freelance businesses but who were having trouble finding clients, I started to offer training and consulting to empower them to get more business out of their websites and stop chasing clients.

My approach – I break everything down in easy step-by-step actions that AREN’T over your head and are all based in my core belief that marketing decisions should be based in facts. There is so much power in your data – you just have to know how to read it! Stick with me and I’ll show you how to grow your traffic with search engine optimization, get and keep them in your system with email marketing, make really powerful decisions from your Google Analytics data, and so much more. If you want to get started, be sure to sign up for my weekly tips below!


I love speaking about Google Analytics & SEO – and how to turn these seemingly complex ideas into simple, actionable items that attract more of the right people. You can check out my speaking page here.

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