Twitter Brilliance Review: How to Get More Leads and More Sales from Twitter

Twitter Brilliance ReviewHave you ever found yourself a little lost with Twitter? A whole lot of tweeting with no results for your actual business? If so, Alicia Cowan has a program you might be interested in, it’s brilliant name is…Twitter Brilliance. (see what I did there?) Alicia Cowan is a social media specialist who’s my kind of gal – no BS and all value. Alicia gave me a preview of Twitter Brilliance so I could write up this insider’s look for you and let you know what it’s all about and who it’s for and not for. Full disclosure: I did contribute an expert module to Alicia’s program (all about how to measure your Twitter efforts with Google Analytics – a pretty awesome bonus if I do say so myself) and any links found to her program in this post are affiliate links. Just wanted to be clear about that!

What is Twitter Brilliance?

Twitter Brilliance is a self-paced DIY training course for how to use Twitter for the biggest impact on your business, along with lifetime membership to the private Facebook mentoring group. It’s broken up into 3 modules, along with a Tech Mastery area and bonus materials. Oh, and monthly calls. Pretty crazy, huh?

Who is Twitter Brilliance for?

I asked Alicia to answer this one in detail for you:

Who is Twitter Brilliance for?

Freelancers, solopreneurs and very small businesses. Whether it’s all completely new or Twitter’s been sucking away your time for years – there’s lots of learning inside Twitter Brilliance.

If you use Twitter to market your business or services but haven’t achieved results (by that I’m talking great website traffic, leads, business opportunities and sales), and you are ready to

-understand how Twitter can grow your business quickly, and have fun doing it -learn more than the Twitter basics and technical how-tos (but you get that too!) -learn the tactics and strategies I used to get profitable almost immediately -take a planned and focused approach with your Twitter marketing. Scattergun no more! -speak up when you need help – we have monthly live calls and The Clubhouse Facebook group for all members Then you’ll love it.

Who’s it not for?

-If you’re looking for a get rich quick, 1000 followers a day kind of experience. This isn’t for you. If you’re not prepared to get your hands dirty: take action and apply this learning to your business, Twitter Brilliance won’t help you. -If you want to use Twitter just for fun (you would still learn a lot but if you’ve got that much time on your hands you can probably figure it out for yourself!)

Features and Benefits

Here’s a list of some of my favorite features of Alicia’s course:

  • How to sell on Twitter without feeling like a sleaze — I think this is one of the most valuable topics Alicia covers in the entire course and she’s masterful at it.
  • The Tech Mastery area complete with video walk-throughs of how to use everything. (And of course, this includes my walk-through of how to use Google Analytics to measure the impact of your Twitter marketing)
  • The private Facebook group — this group is 80+ members and counting. I’ve been a member of a few private networking groups on Facebook and have to save that this piece is invaluable – giving you a head start to growing your business on the web.

Here’s an insider look at the Twitter Brilliance members area, thanks to Alicia for letting me show this to you guys:

Final Thoughts

Twitter Brilliance is a great program for small businesses who are looking to stop wasting time on Twitter and start using it as a lead-generating and sales-driving machine. But only if you’re ready. If you’re ready to get serious about Twitter in particular, check out Alicia’s program. I know when I’m looking at programs like this, I’m always concerned they’re going to cover stuff I already know. Alicia’s gone ahead and kind of taken that concern off the table by letting you basically test-drive the program with her 30-day money back guarantee. Though honestly, once you get inside and get access to the private mentoring group and the monthly calls, I can’t see anyone wanting their money back. That value is crazy good. Bonus: Alicia is from the UK so all your Twitter modules are narrated in one of the best accents possible to listen to :)

Free Copy!

Alicia was kind enough to offer 1 FREE copy for me to give away to you guys. To enter to win a free copy, all you have to do is check out the Twitter Brilliance Sales Page and answer this one simple question in a comment on this post: What do you think about the course and how would you use it? Here are the rules:

  • Enter your comment about Twitter Brilliance before the end of the day, Tuesday, February 26th. (Update: The contest is now over – thanks to everyone who took the time to enter!)
  • Good, thoughtful comments get the most consideration. I only want to give this away to someone who will really use it and really want it.
  • On Wednesday, February 27th, I will pick the winner and contact them via email
  • The winner will get 1 free copy and I will then update this post with the winner’s name (Update: Laura’s thoughtful comment below won her a copy! Congrats!)

If you *know* you want in and you go ahead and purchase the program but end up winning the contest, I will personally refund you the cost of the course. Even if this product isn’t for you, I recommend that you at least follow Alicia on Twitter to see how she does it. I follow her myself and have benefited from loads of just her free content and advice. So comment away! :)

10 Responses so far.

  1. Naomi says:

    Twitter Brilliance looks like it does what it says on the tin! Brilliant, useful stuff about Twitter! The moment I came across Alicia, I started following the blog, signed up for the newsletters, followed on twitter etc. in an attempt to learn from the pro.

    The non-profit company I do the marketing work for one day a week, Evangelicals Now (EN), produces a monthly newspaper with biblical perspective on current issues and insight on what’s happening with God’s church worldwide. In our efforts to reach the on-line generation, we started our social media presence at the end of 2011.

    I have learned a LOT from Alicia’s newsletters, blog posts, and the resources I’ve been able to tap into given our limited budget. But I’m ready to dig deeper and learn how to truly use these social media tools seriously and effectively.

    For us in the short-term, Twitter Brilliance would mean an increase in circulation and readership – not for the purpose of profit (that would defeat the purpose of being a non-profit organisation!) but for the purpose of encouraging people in the UK (and worldwide now we’re on-line!) through this rocky path called life! It would help us to sharpen our tools, bringing clarity to this ‘foggy’ area, so we are not fumbling around in the dark, happy that followers ‘stumble upon us’ (no pun intended)! And in the long-term, it would mean that ripple effect which happens (when people share on SM) would be more impacting & further reaching, allowing the news & articles to enrich the lives of all those who read & share – helping them become more informed, better equipped, and able to face the hard times through encouragement of others and God’s word.

  2. christine says:

    Alicia is a genius when it comes to Twitter so I would learn so much by doing her course! I really feel like I’ve been wasting my time on Twitter without a proper strategy in place. Yes. This would really help me use Twitter the right way with my blog and with the new app I’m developing.

    Hope I win it!! Thanks for the opportunity – this is such a great prize!

  3. Laura says:

    I’ve been eyeing Twitter Brilliance since Alicia first launched it. I know she’s brilliant because I met her in London last year. So I also know this course is going to be brilliant, which totally fits with its title, obviously.

    I’ve been on Twitter for a while and am just realizing that I prefer it over the other social networks I’m using. I use Facebook because I’m on there for various groups I’m involved in, but I don’t get much interaction and don’t ever feel excited to engage with my followers there. I use Google+ because of SEO, but it’s definitely hard to reach the right people on there with the onslaught of people just trying to circle everyone they run across so they can amass a huge following. I use Pinterest because I love the inspiration and the beautiful things, but I have trouble getting engagement on such a non-social social network.

    And then there’s Twitter. Every time I run across something cool, I hit the Hootsuite button and share it on Twitter. Whenever I get a new Twitter follower, I get super excited. I can see Twitter becoming a really integral part of my marketing strategy, and my totally favorite platform to be on. But I really don’t know what I’m doing. I post a lot of content, but I rarely interact. I’d love to learn better strategies to make use of Twitter. Plus, I could use the push of taking a course to drive me toward actually learning and implementing better Twitter strategies.

  4. Jean says:

    I’ve been noticing I’m getting a lot of traction with Twitter lately. More than anywhere else. I would love to learn how to catch this wave and utilize Twitter in a more cohesive, understood way while I’ve got peoples’ attention.

    I particularly like the selling without the sleaze angle.

    I’m all for that!

  5. Nyssa says:

    For the past 18 months my company has been using Facebook and pushing our posts to Twitter. But we are finding we are not engaging on twitter or using it properly, because truthfully we’re scared and not sure how to best use it. And not sure of the extra overhead time wise to keep up two social networks properly.

    This course would be fantastic to get us motivated to use Twitter more and engage with our followers in order to let more people know about the affects of food additives and to help sell our membership to people so they can benefit from eating food without nasty additives and preservatives.

    All round it would be brilliant for our company and our customers/potential customers to find us and connect via Twitter! The Trusted Trolley – additive-aware shopping

  6. I am a brand new marketing coordinator for a very small nonprofit that helps other nonprofits in San Diego achieve their missions. I would love to give them the content they need to succeed and I just feel lost. I am recently out of college and never thought social media marketing would be something I’m uncomfortable with, but to be honest, I just can’t get this Twitter thing off the ground. I know this course would help me narrow down all of the confusion and questions in my head and would guide me in becoming an expert on what I’m doing for my organization. I want to make them proud and make myself proud of what I’m doing instead of feeling like I’m treading water to try to keep myself afloat.

  7. While I am set on the tech aspects of Twitter, I am absolutely clueless about the marketing side of it!

    In a past life I was the Marcom manager of a successful spa in Italy, dealing with offline marketing stuff all day long. We were very aggressive and for that niche we had very nice ROI results. When I opened my own biz, The Social Media Doula, I put all my efforts in existing, word to mouth, clientele, but now it’s the time to find a new audience and new clients.

    I’d love to take the class cause it sounds amazing and it looks like it could help me exactly on the aspects that I lack. My goal for 2013 is to finally master some online marketing techniques without feeling sleazy…

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  8. Naomi says:

    Yes I think that about summarises it Courtney! How do we feel? Lost and trying to keep afloat! How would we like to feel… confident, efficient and effective :) More purpose & professionalism, less sleaze! Thanks Alicia for Twitter Brilliance and thanks Liz for this great opportunity!

  9. Sarah says:

    I’ve been dabbling in twitter for sometime and although I’m comfortable with it I know I’m not really using it effectively for my business. At this stage I think the main benefit for me would be in using the programme right now would be as follows:
    Focus my attention getting things set up so it works really well,
    Learn how to build relationships,
    Make a good impression
    How to use the various tools to systemise and save time.


  10. Katharine Butcher says:

    ‘If a woman can decide who gets the toffee between a four year old and a six year old, she can negotiate any contract in the world’. This quote still stays with me after 15 years and is quote made by Anita Roddick who was the Founder of The Body Shop where I worked for 10 years. She was an inspiring role model and she used to say that all she was trying to do was create a business enviroment in which people are happy and fulfilled, so that they feel good about what they are doing and good about themselves.

    She also went on to say that ‘fundamental to this approach is our obsession with education, motivation & communication. We communicate with passion – and passion persudades’.

    This is what I feel when I read anything/receive emails, tweets, from Alicia Cowan and now you…you are passionate about what you do and how you can help. There is excitment, animation,a warmth, a spirit, a zeal and a genuine enthusiasm for helping people understand the world of social media.

    I am just starting out on my journey of running a business and like all good jigsaw puzzles am starting with the corners and taking it from there. I have optimism, humanism, enthusiasm, intuition, curiosity, love, humour, magic and fun and that secret ingredient euphoria! I will be euphoric if I won thats for sure!!!

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