3 Secrets to Developing an Email Marketing Incentive that Works

In the above video, I talk about the three secrets to developing an email marketing incentive that works for your small business.

The 52 Headline Hacks referenced in the video by Jon (not Josh) Morrow can be found on Copyblogger.

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  1. Monica Crowe says:

    Hey Liz, Fun to see you on camera! As a former newspaper reporter, I know how important a good headline is, but I find myself being lazy when it comes to writing them. This is an important reminder of what I should be doing better.

    • Liz Lockard says:

      thanks Monica! I’ve really enjoyed using the 52 Headline Hacks shortcut for a lot of my content (including the title for this post – ha!)

  2. Rose says:

    So good! I’ve been offering a blanket 20% coupon for my opt-in which is… uninspiring… and it doesn’t make people remember my business, or make them think I have anything that other people don’t. It also restricts how I can do sales.

    I’m coming up with ideas now for my new opt-in bonus, and I’m super excited! Thanks Liz :)

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