Before You Buy Your Next Info Product, Read This

Before You Buy Your Next Info Product - Read ThisI know, I know.

There can be a looooooot of hype when it comes to Major Info Product Launch Season. And you can, well, easily get caught up in said hype.

But please, please, before you whip out your credit card this Major Info Product Launch Season (or even the next one), read this.

My plea to you: there is no magic info product pill.

Yep, you heard me. There is no magic info product pill that will equal instant success for your business.

Even I may have been guilty of laying out what I think is the perfect business blueprint, but let me tell you:

JUST because Info Product A worked for Internet Marketing Guru B does not mean it will work for you & your business.

For every 100 case studies of success, there are 1000s of ‘didn’t work for me’ stories (and yes I made this ratio up). You hear a lot from the 100, but not a lot from the 1000s. And their reasons may even be valid:

  • they may have skimmed over the ‘this product is not a good fit for’ section on Info Product A’s sales page
  • they may have never implemented the advice Info Product A gave them

Or, maybe, just maybe, Info Product A does not equal magic success for every person that purchases it.

Before you whip out your credit card to grab that next info product magic cure, take a beat and check to see if you’re simply chasing the next Shiny Object and may be suffering from Shiny Object Syndrome.

Shiny Object Syndrome
(n.) the attraction to objects that exhibit a glassy, polished, gleaming or otherwise shiny appearance. Something as simple as a reflection in your peripheral vision may easily distract your attention. Over time, you’ll find that your attention to said object is directly correlated to it’s shininess and your attention fades as the shininess wears off. From impossiblehq.

3 Signs You May Be Suffering From Info Product Shiny Object Syndrome3 Clues You Are Suffering From Info Product Shiny Object Syndrome

  1. You’re buying out of Peer Pressure.
    ‘All the Cool Kids Are Doing It’ is not a valid business reason.
  2. You’re buying for Fear of Missing Out.
    You know how when you were just a little tot and you didn’t want to go to bed at bedtime because you just kneeeeeew all the fun was going to be had the moment your head hit the pillow and you would miss out on EVERYTHING??? Yea. That one. Guess what happened the next day? Yep, more fun.
  3. The last 3 info products you bought are still sitting dusty on their digital shelves.
    If you’ve got an IMPLEMENTATION problem, buying yet another shiny info product to collect dust on your digital shelf is not going to solve your problem.

Any of these sound familiar? Don’t worry – I’ve been guilty of each of these at some point myself.

What does it look like when you’re immune to Shiny Object Syndrome? (Yes there IS an inoculation you can take)

We’ll take a look at that in the next post.

Don’t miss out.

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  1. Kendrick says:

    Liz, I loved this post. You are so gifted and have such amazing info to share. Thank you for doing what you do. Congrats on your first speaking gig. I’m sure you were wonderful!

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