My Best Traffic Sources and Content from 2012

Traffic Sources Recap from 2012The end of the year gets all a little nostalgic, no? It seems everyone everywhere is writing about the best this or that of 2012.

Well, here I am writing my own version of that — but not because everyone else is doing it. No, I’m writing this to share my process with you. I use Google Analytics to evaluate my best sources of traffic and my best content so I know exactly what worked and what I should be doing more of.

Also included — how to find this out for your own blog!

(Of course, only if you’ve had Google Analytics set up for all of 2012)

My Best Traffic Sources of 2012

This is a *juicy* one isn’t it? I don’t know anyone that really shares this shade of detail for their own sites, but here’s mine.

What makes these the “best” sources? I’m evaluating these simply based on how well the traffic they sent converted into newsletter subscribers.

1. My guest post on Social Media Examiner, How to Measure Your Social Media Traffic Using Google Analytics

2. Facebook, including traffic from my page, Liz Lockard Marketing Consulting on Facebook

3. My guest post on LKR Social Media, 3 Insights Google Analytics Can Show You About Your Social Media Traffic

4. My guest post on Psych Central, 3 Insights Google Analytics Can Teach You About Your Private Practice

5. My expert module in Alicia Cowan’s Twitter Brilliance program (affiliate link)

How do you do this yourself? First, make sure you have goals setup, then head to Traffic Sources – Sources – All Traffic in Standard Reporting. Select whichever Goal Set is relevant for you, and sort the below table by Goal Conversion Rate. Voila.

My Most Popular Content from 2012

Why take a look at this metric? Because I know my most popular content is content that you, my dear reader, enjoyed or found useful AND should be the kind of content I write more of.

1. How to Set Up Google Analytics – 3 Essential Steps for the Beginner 
2. Ask the Experts: Where to Find Your Customers Online 
3. Holiday Gift Guide for Solopreneurs 
4. Free Webinar – Google Analytics Demystified: Metrics that Matter
5. How to Set Up Google Analytics Goals

How can you find out this yourself? Simply head to your Content report and sort by Visits. Done and done.

What About You?

Okay, your turn. If you have Google Analytics setup for your site, I want you to head there now and let me know what insights you can glean for your business for 2012. Go ahead! Then leave a comment below with a link to your best piece of content :)

photo credit: Creativity103 via photopin cc

5 Responses so far.

  1. Love this post, Liz! Short, sweet, to the point, and best of all: interesting! Guest posting is one of my big goals for 2013, so I’m excited to aim for results similar to yours at the end of 2013. :)

  2. Nikole Gipps says:

    Oh don’t make me go look! LOL Apparently the biggest keywords were “private videos vimeo” … interesting, but also makes sense because my best blog post of the year was about that very topic at (I would have not guessed that to be my top post!) My overall #1 page was which I guess is good for me getting people to sign up for the workshops! :-)

  3. Alicia says:

    So pleased to see that Twitter Brilliance was one of your best traffic sources although I’m not that surprised – you presented an awesome module and everyone loved your tips! :)

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