Articles and tips on search engine optimization for your small business website.

04 OctGoogle Rankings: Are Yours Real?

are your google rankings real

You might be excited to see that you’re ranking number one for a search phrase you’ve entered into Google. Or your go-to SEO person you just hired has started to report that you’re number one for certain phrases. Before you start celebrating… Let me encourage you to ask – Are my Google Rankings real? Watch […]

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23 AugKeyword Research Tools: Google Keyword Planner Alternatives

Where to find free alternatives to Google's Keyword Planner (for SEO research)

Do you do keyword research for your site? You know, the kind that’s based off of some good old fashioned customer research? If you do, you might use one of the most used go-to “free” tools – the Google Keyword Planner (formerly the Keyword Research Tool). But you may have noticed that it’s currently hidden […]

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18 AprStop Pretending You’re the CEO

stop pretending youre the ceo

You are not the CEO of your business Or at least you don’t act like one. I know you own your own business but I don’t think you’re the CEO you think you are. When you think of a typical CEO workload do you think of… creating graphics to share on social media? researching hashtags? […]

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12 AprHow to Grow Your Business With More Ease

secret to growing your business with ease FB

Truth time. Traffic is not the only benefit of SEO. I know you might think that’s the whole point but there’s more. When you do SEO the right way, you get this.  But you also get: An easier, better business. What do I mean by easier? Well I mean that you’re not hustling after every […]

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04 AprSnapchat Is A Waste Of Your Time. Here’s Why.

should you be on snapchat

…soooooo many of my clients come to me complaining of the lack of traffic they’re getting to their websites. Which doesn’t make sense because they spend upwards of 5 hours a day on social media so that should equal more traffic right? WRONG. Ugh, I hate to say it because I know it feels like […]

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10 MarThe Biggest Reason Your Website Isn’t Getting Traffic

The Real Reason You're Not Getting Traffic

One of the biggest things between you and getting more website traffic? It’s not that you don’t understand SEO (even if you don’t). It’s not that you don’t have a budget for Facebook Ads (even if you don’t). It’s not even that you website “just isn’t quite right yet” (even if you think it isn’t). […]

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21 SepSEO For Your Small Business: When Is The Right Time to Worry About It?


Is there such a thing as too soon for SEO? If you’ve heard anything about getting started with SEO, you probably know that it can take some time. Both to figure out how to make it work for your small business but also for its effects to start to show up in your website stats […]

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04 AugHow Long Does SEO Take?

How Long Does SEO Take? (screenshot)

But really. Ever wonder how long SEO (search engine optimization) is supposed to take for your website? Just how many small business (wo)man hours are you supposed to log before you get to see some results? In the video below, I walk through this exact question as well as 3 different things to consider when […]

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21 JulHow to Create a Survey That Doesn’t Suck (Huge Guide. Survey Question Examples Included)

Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em. Am I right? Of course I’m right! I know you know you should be surveying your audience on a regular basis but let me ask you… Are you actually doing it? If you are – awesome! (though – keep reading – because you might just be making […]

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23 JunGetting Started with SEO: Where to Even Begin?

Getting Started With SEO - Where Do You Even Begin?

One of the MOST asked questions I get goes something like this: Okay, SEO. I get that it’s important. But where I do even begin?? I get it. SEO aka Search Engine Optimization can be a bit overwhelming with all the moving parts. Title tags? Creating links to your site? Writing content? Keyword research? Alt […]

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