My Favorite Opt-In Offers

Opt-In Incentive ExamplesDo you have an opt-in offer for your website? You know that nice little bonus for signing up for a newsletter? or a free download, toolkit or email course if you only give up your email address?

It’s hard to get people to sign up just for your ‘newsletter’ anymore unless you show TREMENDOUS value, so a lot of small businesses find success with an extra offer. (you can check out mine here)

I’ve talked about tips for creating your own opt-in offer and I’ve shared my favorite opt-in forms before on this blog, but in this post, I want to share with you my favorite actual offers I’ve found around the web. The kind that make you go ‘oooooooo gotta have it’ – the ones you can’t NOT give up your email address for.

Let’s take a look.

#1 – The Think Traffic Toolkit Opt-In Offer

Think Traffic Opt-In Example

This one is MEGA. I gave up my email address in less than 8 seconds when I first came across Corbett’s toolkit. And then I spent the next 2 hours consuming his insanely useful content.

Grab it here.

What made me grab this one: Look at those headlines – those are driiiiiiiiipping with tantalizing, quantifiable solutions to things that you desperately want for your own site, especially if you’ve come across Think Traffic.

#2 – Itty Biz Courses

Itty Biz Opt-In Offer

Itty Biz has free marketing courses for various niches they serve: marketing for touchy-feely service providers, for bloggers, coaches and consultants, and for designers and other ‘artsy fartsy’ types.

They come by email and by the end you’re jumping at the chance for more from Naomi and Dave at Itty Biz.

Grab them here.

What made me grab this one: Um, free course. For me. In MY industry. Who’s not going to grab that?

#3 – I Will Teach You To Be Rich Opt-In

I Will Teach You To Be Rich Opt-In

Ramit Sethi has always been an expert on making smarter money choices and earning more, but is quickly becoming the go-to resource for behavior change, beyond just the financial bit. He offers his visitors a few choices that reflect his various focuses on the blog – from a free chapter of his book to free podcasts on how to grow your network or how to find your first idea (one of the main objections he found prospective Earn1K students who didn’t buy the program had)

Grab them here.

What made me grab this one: I’ve been on Ramit’s list for awhile now, but I’m pretty sure I’ve given him my email address MULTIPLE times for the incentives he regularly puts out there. They all promise RESULTS.

#4 – Nomadic Matt’s Exclusive Deals

Opt-In Offer from Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt is THE resource for pushing yourself to take adventures and book trips you’d never thought you’d take and to just flat out travel more on a real person’s budget.

As a wannabe-nomadic matt myself, I follow a lot of Matt’s stuff and jumped at the chance to get in on the deals Matt himself uses to travel the world.

Grab them here.

What made me grab this one: Deals! Exclusive! Insider-only specials. Draw me a velvet rope and I want to jump over it. Done and done.

What about you?

Do you have a favorite opt-in offer? Are you using one on your site? Leave me a link in the comments!

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  1. Jen says:

    Thanks for these! I just went and signed up for a couple of them. I’ve become a bit of a newsletter junkie.

  2. Thank you so much for a great list. I have also subscribed to some of the great offers as they look very helpful. Thank you! Loving your website. :)

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